Whitehall Vineyard


What’s the product? 

Two superb wines from Whitehall Vineyard’s collection - rich, fruity Nethercote Hill Red 2018 and smooth, dry Water Meadows White. At Christmas, there's also Whitehall Vineyard's gorgeous Mulled Wine, infused with orange and cinnamon.

Who's behind it?

The Self family, who’ve been farming the same land for five generations!

What’s the story?  

The vineyard was first established in 2017, with further acres planted in 2021. You might not expect to find many vineyards in England, but in fact the rich, fertile soil and underlying bedrock of permeable limestone in the Avon Valley makes it a great place to grow vines. Whitehall Vineyard is sheltered by the nearby Nethercote Hill – a local landmark which lends its name to their gorgeous red wine blend.

Why we love it… 

Team TOB loves a glass of wine, and Nethercote Hill Red is a particular favourite! Whitehall Vineyard's Mulled Wine is also the perfect way to get in the festive mood...