Our Producers

Our family of producers is what makes Taste of Bath so special!

We only work with food producers based within 25 miles of Bath

You can find all our favourite goodies in our range of beautiful hampers, and you can also create your own hamper for the perfect present!

How do we choose them?

Every single one of our producers is based within 25 miles of Bath, forming a properly local community. They range from tiny one-person operations based on the kitchen table (some of whom only supply us!) to larger businesses with several employees and their own premises, but the key ingredient is that they’re always local and independent, brilliant and genuinely passionate about what they do. We’re extremely discerning when it comes to choosing members of the Taste of Bath family, and only ever pick the best.

No ordinary supplier relationship


We don’t just sell their wares, we’re also committed to helping them grow and thrive, promoting them on a wider platform whenever we can. We’ve hosted several foodie showcases at Westminster, where a selection of our producers offered tastings and had the opportunity to meet and chat with plenty of UK decision-makers. Over the last two years, we’ve partnered with Tom Kerridge’s landmark festival Pub in the Park when it came to Bath, giving our producers the chance to meet the festival’s featured celebrity chefs, and introducing each of those foodie heroes to Bath’s best produce with one of our gorgeous hampers.

Wherever we can, we offer our producers introductions to hotels and other wholesale outlets, and through our business gifting service, we make it possible for them to sell to a whole range of large high-profile clients, both nationally and internationally.

Business gifting: a virtuous circle

We’re particularly proud of our business gifting service because it enables those bigger businesses to support small ones, something that just isn’t practical on a large scale without a framework like Taste of Bath. When our business clients choose us, they not only get unique, memorable gifts that make a lasting impression on their own clients and staff, but they also send a crucial PR message that they’re committed to supporting independent business. We work with many Bath-based firms that love the way our gifts show off their roots and their local community to clients and partners across the country. Put simply, Taste of Bath is enabling a virtuous circle where businesses of all sizes can help each other thrive.

Want to get to know our producers a little better? Click the links below for individual biographies and more info about why we’ve chosen each product for our hampers. You can also find out more about our producers, and discover some delicious recipes starring their products, on the Taste of Bath blog!