Our Green Credentials

Food miles

Supporting small businesses has so many benefits, and one of those is that shopping local reduces food miles! We encourage as many people as possible to engage with local food producers and showcase the best local food available.

Packaging: Our packaging is designed to be eco-friendly - we try to be as green as possible!

Cardboard: All our boxes are made from FSC Certified sources, hooray! Our classic cardboard boxes are made by the nice chaps at Boxes & Packaging (Bristol) Ltd, with a minimum of 70% recycled materials, and they're 100% recyclable.

Signature Gift Boxes: Our signature Bath Boxes are made with recycled cardboard and card, and they can be recycled too. You can get a little more creative when it comes to recycling our beautiful English apple crates (handmade by Jarrod and his team in North Lincolnshire) – we’ve seen them reused as coffee tables, planters, toy boxes and more!

Get Stuffed: All of our products are packed in recycled wood wool, which is made from responsibly managed forests. This is approved natural spruce and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Protective Packaging:  Our customers asked us to ditch the plastic bubble wrap, so we now use an eco-friendly paper bubble for all our internal protective packaging. Without compromising on our protection levels, our paper bubble wrap is the perfect sustainable solution. This paper is 100% recycled and manufactured from recyclable and biodegradable materials. 


All our Bath deliveries are made by local company Three Bags Full, using electric cargo bikes. Not only does this reduce emissions, but it also means we’re not contributing to local traffic.

Supporting small business

Small businesses can often be greener than large ones. Many of our producers rely on small batch production with minimal waste, and artisan techniques that tread more lightly on the planet than large-scale industrial production. See Meet the Producers to find out more.