Our Team

Every member of the Taste of Bath team is equally passionate about Our Ethos, and we all bring different skills to the table!


Helen Rich


Title: Managing Director and and founder of the business

With TOB: since the beginning!

None of us would be here without Helen, Taste of Bath’s founder! A former retail troubleshooter, who also set up her own very successful independent food business, Helen started Taste of Bath with a vision of connecting local producers to a wider market and making business gifting more exciting. Often referred to as a force of nature, Helen is laser-focused on her own personal definition of success: a business that's totally values-led, never compromising on authenticity and integrity; truly exceptional customer service; and giving back to the community with mentoring and charity work. 

In her day to day work with Taste of Bath, Helen is Head of Sales, which she defines as 'solving problems for clients'. She's a prolific networker who loves meeting people and forging new connections, and has been named Business Person of the Year at the Bath Business Awards, one of the Top 100 Inspirational Women in the West by the West Women of the Year Awards, one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Bath.

Why do you love working at Taste of Bath? 

"I genuinely believe in making a difference with what we do - with our clients, our producers, our brilliant team, and Bath's wider community. It's an honour to be a part of so many people's journeys. Jo our Operations Director is my steady rock, she enables the business to grow and move forward in efficiency and delivery whilst I go out and build relationships and engage in the community. It's still always incredibly exciting to me to see the business develop and evolve!"



Jo Cox 


Title: Operations Director

With TOB: Since 2017

Jo has been managing the Taste of Bath warehouse, including the packing and preparation of all hampers for both retail and business-to-business sales, since 2017 - a truly enormous task! In 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit, demand for our hampers skyrocketed as people were no longer able to meet and network in person, and Jo stepped up to become our Operations Manager. Post-COVID, it became evident that to retain the growth we were seeing and pursue further expansion, we’d need more people at leadership level - so in 2023, we welcomed Jo to the Taste of Bath board of directors, as Operations Director and a 33.33% shareholder. 


Why do you love working at Taste of Bath? "Personally, I love the teams and personalities that I work with; TOB is such a creative, proactive environment. Working with Helen has always been a full-on experience – there are no half measures, it’s an absolute commitment to our customers and to the highest possible quality of products and service! We are totally aligned on those values and that’s what really makes our partnership work. Ethically, TOB are providing a platform to local artisans, with short supply chains. Our products are sustainable and supporting local - who wouldn’t want to be part of that?"  



Sal Godfrey


Title: Content Manager

With TOB: Since 2016

That’s me, doing all the writing – hi! Also known as Taste of Bath’s wordsmith, I write newsletters, press releases, web content, blogs and more. I’m a stay-at-home working mum, so as well as a creative I have to be a whirlwind of efficiency and productivity! Alongside Taste of Bath, I work with plenty of brilliant local businesses, including lots of foodies, which gives me a lovely insight into Bath’s business community. You can also find me writing my own blog all about food and drink in Bath, with reviews, recipes and news, which is how I first met Helen.

Why do you love working at Taste of Bath? "I’m really proud of how the business has grown over the past few years. I’ve been involved almost from the very beginning, and since then Taste of Bath has done so much to promote local independent business, which is something I’m really passionate about. 



Tracy Marland


Title: Social Media Manager

With TOB: since 2021

Tracy is responsible for telling the Taste of Bath story on our social media platforms, and engaging with all our lovely followers - you'll find all our social media links at the bottom of the page, so why not go and say hi? Tracy has worked with independent businesses and national brands for over 20 years, and spent much of her career in Marketing, Sales and Advertising within radio and digital marketing. For the last two years she has been supporting small business owners across Wiltshire and Bath with Social Media marketing, helping them to tell their story. Tracy's second job is looking after two energetic daughters and her downtime in between mostly involves eating and drinking!

Why do you love working at Taste of Bath? "I believe that understanding and connecting with your customer is key to growing business, so when I discovered the special relationship TOB have not only with their producers, but their retail and business customers, I jumped at the chance to work with TOB and I am proud to be a part of the team!"