Buying Multiple Gifts?

Want to tick off all your Christmas Gifts in one go?

Yep, we get it!

Send hampers out to people across the UK – all in one easy order?

Seems sensible!

Retail customers can only order one hamper at a time. The reason for this? You have the option of creating your own hamper – so it’s just not possible for us to enable multiple shipping on lots of bespoke orders.

BUT never fearthere is a way!

If you'd like to buy multiple ready-made hampers, you can order via our Business Shop…. the online Business Shop features our own set hampers only, so there’s no problem with multiple shipping. Hooray!

How to shop – for sending to multiple delivery addresses:

  • Click here to go to our business shop
  • Add as many hampers as you like to one order - you can mix and match different hampers, too
  • Follow the instructions to check out and pay, making sure to include your contact information when prompted
  • We'll get in touch with you to confirm the different delivery addresses for each hamper - you won't be asked for this information during checkout, but don't worry, we will get in touch within two working days to make sure all your hampers head to the right addresses

Marvellous I am sure you agree!

A couple of things to know about the business shop:

  • Hampers: 95% of the hampers in the Business Shop are the same as the main shop, we might just have described them a little differently for business customers!
  • Prices: all prices in the business shop are minus VAT but including delivery. We have to charge per delivery address, so that's why we build the cost into the price of the hamper. Our business customers need to see the price without VAT, so prices in the shop are minus 20% VAT which will be added on at the end.
  • Confused? Don’t worry, the final cost with VAT and delivery is exactly the same as ordering through our main shop, so you can ignore all the above info if you like - we just wanted to explain why things look a little different as you order. 
You can of course just order through our retail shop, but you’ll have to order each hamper separately if you take that option.