The Best Ever Brownie Company

The Best Ever Brownie Company logo

What’s the product?

The most incredible rich, chocolate brownies, with a gorgeously truffle-like texture – you can buy the Salted Caramel brownies individually, or a beautiful mixed brownie gift box with Classic Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Raspberry White Chocolate brownies. 

Who’s behind it?

Classically trained chef Craig, who makes the magic happen, and a small, dedicated team to bring the magic to their customers. The Best Ever Brownie Company is based in the small town of Foxham, 19.7 miles outside Bath.

What’s the story?

After selling local produce for many years, two years ago Craig and Solance created The Best Ever Brownie Company after their local town fell in love with their luxurious brownies. The business has been a huge success story, growing to employ a team of 11 brilliant brownie-lovers who are just as passionate about the produce as Craig and Solance themselves. They now offer a whole range of fabulous flavours and have many bright plans for the future to delight chocolate lovers everywhere.

Why we love it…

Not only are these brownies gorgeously rich, fudgy and delicious, they’re also gluten-free, so even more people can enjoy them. Yum!