Roundhill Roastery

What’s the product? 

Bath by Round Hill Roastery, a smooth full-bodied roast that was created just for Bath foodies – but we think it’s so good, we wanted to share it with everyone. The beans are sourced from a producer co-operative in the Quindio region of Colombia, and Taste of Bath is the only business that supplies this incredible coffee outside the city of Bath. 

Who’s behind it? 

Eddie Twitchett, a coffee superfan who honed his skills and knowledge working in hospitality in Bath. He started out roasting beans for the Bath Farmers Market, and Round Hill Roastery was an instant hit. 

What’s the story? 

Now run by a small team with its own premises, Round Hill Roastery is based in Midsomer Norton, 11.3 miles outside Bath. They source their coffee from small independent growers and cooperatives across South America and Africa, constantly discovering new farms and producers. Their aim when roasting their coffees is to draw out and highlight the unique qualities of each terroir, and because of this they work in rhythm with the growing seasons and only take the freshest beans – in their own words, “Much like strawberries, asparagus or tomatoes, coffee is best enjoyed in season.” Roundhill Roastery are dedicated to brilliant coffee and feel strongly that they have a responsibility to the farmers to make the very best coffee they can from the beans they purchase. We can confirm that they do a very fine job! 

Why we love it… 

This is one of Taste of Bath CEO Helen’s favourite products (shh, don’t tell the others), and when things are especially busy, she’s almost never to be seen without a mug of Bath by Round Hill Roastery in hand. In Helen’s words: “Super fruity, light but so flavourful... I am obsessed!”