Meg's Cottage Fudge

What’s the product? 

A rich, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth vanilla fudge, traditionally made with only natural ingredients. One nibble and you’ll know exactly why it carries a Great Taste Gold Award.  

Who’s behind it? 

Jackie and Chris are in charge, with Jerry and Rosy making the magic in the kitchen, and Sarah and Maki packing it all up beautifully. 

What’s the story? 

Meg’s Cottage Fudge takes its name from the 18th century weaver’s cottage in Bradford-on-Avon, where it all began over 12 years ago. Originally made on the kitchen table, now Meg’s Cottage Fudge has progressed to its own professional premises in the back garden! The fudge is made to an old Cornish recipe, using the highest quality milk, butter and sugar as a base, and flavoured with proper ingredients (nothing artificial). It’s freshly made each week, and always packed that same week too. There’s a whole range of fabulous flavours, including great seasonal specials, over on their website, but we have a soft spot for the glorious original.  

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Why we love it… 

This is fudge just like Granny used to make it, melt-in-the-mouth and irresistibly moreish – it’s absolutely impossible to have just one piece.