Heavenly Hedgerows

What’s the product? 

Elderberry & Bramble Jam, made with fresh wild ingredients foraged from the countryside surrounding Bath. This is a gloriously dark and flavoursome jam, sweet of course but with a sharp fruity tang as well. 

Who’s behind it? 

Chris is a keen walker living in Keynsham, 8.4 miles outside Bath, who loves to forage for wild goodies and use them to inspire her cooking.  

What’s the story? 

Chris had a wonderfully free-range childhood in New Zealand, instilling in her a love of exploring and foraging that she still has today. All her produce is derived from naturally organic hedgerow berries, and she’s always careful to pick from a wide range of places and leave enough for the birds to nibble on too – Chris is a whole-hearted believer in sensitive and sustainable foraging. Because she relies exclusively on wild ingredients, her products are always made in small batches, by hand, using what’s available each season, and contain no commercial pectins or preservatives, instead relying on the fruit’s natural pectin to provide a beautiful set for each preserve.  

Why we love it… 

The combination of sweetness and a little hint of sharpness in this jam is just scrumptious – it’s perfect for topping crumpets and toast, but it’s also brilliant for baking too. Why not try using it in a Victoria sponge with plenty of vanilla buttercream?