Friary Drinks


What's the product?

Sloe Gin, a rich and velvety liqueur that makes the ultimate winter warmer! Because Sloe Gin is a festive classic, made with wild sloes when they're ripe in autumn, this product is only available seasonally. Look out for it in the run-up to Christmas!

Who’s behind it?

Super sister team Tori and Hannah – Tori runs the business, while Hannah is the chief distiller and creates and bottles every small batch herself. The business is based in Witham Abbey near Frome, 17 miles outside Bath. 

What’s the story? 

Friary Drinks was originally launched by Ern, who spent his career working for big name drinks companies and sold his own legendary sloe gin and cherry brandy at local farmers markets. His two daughters, Tori and Hannah, inherited the business and work hard to preserve dad’s commitment to using the best ingredients to make delicious drinks for happy customers! Every liqueur is produced in small batches of no more than 100 litres and made entirely by hand. 

Why we love it… 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a nip of Sloe Gin!