Choc on Choc

What’s the product? 

Choc on Choc’s stunning Luxury Handmade Truffles are one of our bestsellers, presented in a box with three flavours: Triple Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry & Champagne, and Salted Caramel, and we also offer a smaller box with just the Salted Caramel Truffles because they’re so incredibly delicious (and incredibly popular). Choc on Choc also supply us with a cute little box featuring four white chocolate letter blocks that spell out BATH. Although the truffles are our particular favourite, Choc on Choc are also rather famous for their amazing creations in solid chocolate – everything from chocolate cheese boards to chocolate Brussels sprouts for Christmas! You can find out more about these fabulous products over on their own website.  

Who’s behind it? 

Father and daughter team Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton are the brains behind Choc on Choc, which is still based in their home village of Rode, 9.8 miles outside Bath. 

What’s the story? 

In 2003, Kerr and Flo were messing around with chocolate in the kitchen, using moulds shaped like noughts and crosses to make gifts for family. They were so pleased with the results they decided to try taking their chocolates to a trade show in Birmingham, and to their amazement they came home with orders from several different shops. From there, the business has grown into an incredible success story, and although they’ve moved to new premises with a larger team, and now supply John Lewis, Selfridges and Waitrose to name but a few, all their chocolates are still made by hand to the same exacting standards.  

Why we love it… 

Choc on Choc combine stunning, original design with fabulous flavours – a true chocoholic’s dream!