Bath Gin

What’s the product?

A light, aromatic gin, distilled using a fragrant combination of eleven botanicals, including bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and English coriander. Expect floral, exotic citrus and deep spice notes, followed by a mild sweetness – the perfect partner for tonic at the end of the day.

Who’s behind it?

Bath Gin is created by The Bath Gin Distillery, which was launched by Peter Meacock and Harald Bret out of the vaults beneath The Canary Gin Bar on Queen St, Central Bath. Today, Peter runs the show along with Paul Bowring.

What’s the story?

The Bath Gin Company was Bath’s first gin distillery for 250 years, reviving a tradition of small-batch distilling that was effectively wiped out by the Gin Acts of the 18th century. Originally the majority of Bath Gin was distilled in London (setting up a new gin distillery, it seems, is a red tape nightmare), but for the past seven years it’s been made right here in Bath – distilled on Monmouth St in the centre of the city and mixed into cocktails in the Canary Gin Bar just along the road (which we highly recommend as a drinking spot, by the way – as you’d expect, since they follow it from still to glass, these chaps really know their gin). If we’re going by proximity to the city, this is definitely one of our most local products of all!

Why we love it…

Team TOB loves a good gin and tonic, and you don’t get much better than the BGT (that’s Bath Gin & Tonic, for the uninitiated) – Bath Gin, mixed with a premium tonic and garnished with fresh kaffir lime leaves, makes for a beautiful and moreish G&T.