6 O'Clock Gin


What’s the product? 

6 O’Clock Gin make some of the best gin we’ve tasted, and we’re delighted to stock their classic London Dry Gin & Tonic - it's the perfect ready-mixed G&T in a can.

Who's behind it?

6 O’Clock Gin was originally founded by Edward (above) and Penny nearly 30 years ago, and has since been passed on to their children Michael and Felicity. We love a good old family business!

What’s the story?  

Edward and Penny first began making liqueurs as a side-line on their fruit farm, and created their original gin recipe as a base for their hugely popular sloe gin. Michael and Felicity have spent plenty of time perfecting the original recipe, to create the precise balance of botanicals and fresh, clean flavour we know and love today. And the name? It comes from a family tradition of indulging in a G&T at 6pm, a tradition they still carry on in the distillery today!

Why we love it… 

There’s nothing quite like a crisp, cold G&T at a picnic, so we love the idea of a proper artisan gin and tonic in a can – ready to take anywhere!