The Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm

What’s the product?

Fruity Chilli Sauce, made with sweet golden sultanas, ginger and of course a (mild) chilli hit!

Who’s behind it?

Who’s behind it?

Alex and Louise Duck started the business in 2008 with David and Catherine Hawking, third-generation farmers at Manor Farm in the village of Upton Cheyney, 7.3 miles outside Bath. The business is still based at the farm today, although it's now Louise who mainly runs the chilli farm on a day-to-day basis.

What’s the story?

In their own words, ‘the chilli farm should never really have happened, but it did, and oh what fun it’s been!’ Alex Duck left the print industry in 2007 to rent a yard on Manor Farm involved in the recycling industry. He started to get a taste for the farming life and decided to ask David if he could start growing chillies on the farm, setting up his first polytunnel in the winter of 2008. He quickly discovered that there was a growing community of chilli lovers here in the UK, and over the years the chilli farm has expanded to create multiple products, win plenty of awards, host a chilli festival and much more.

Why we love it…

The combination of sweet and fiery in this sauce is mouth-wateringly good – TOB founder Helen likes to put it on everything, but we particularly recommend serving it with Westcombe Dairy Cheddar on toast.