The Fine Cheese Company

What’s the product? 

The Fine Cheese Co. supply us with a delicious range of savoury crackers. To accompany our favourite cheeses, you can choose from Apricot, Sesame and Pistachio 'Toast for Cheese' (a thin, crispy cracker packed with fruit and nuts), Bath Squares Crackers inspired by the famous Bath Oliver biscuits, and Gluten Free Crackers with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Salt.

We also have their Gruyere & Emmental Bites, which are rich, moreish and perfect for snacking all by themselves! 

Who’s behind it? 

The Fine Cheese Co. was originally founded by Ann-Marie Dyas, a judge at both the British and World Cheese Awards, winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Guild of Fine Food in 2005, and a passionate advocate for traditional cheese-making. Although Ann-Marie sadly passed away in 2017, the company continues to preserve and be inspired by her incredible knowledge and dedication. 

The Fine Cheese Co. have a wonderful shop and café on Walcot St in Bath, which we highly recommend – the lovely and highly knowledgeable staff will introduce you to an incredible range including lots of delicious local cheeses, whether you’re just popping in or staying for lunch.   

What’s the story? 

The Fine Cheese Company have dedicated themselves to sharing the finest traditional artisan cheeses for the past thirty years, and along the way they’ve naturally become experts in the perfect crackers too!

Their Heritage Bath Squares are inspired by the original Bath Olivers, a cracker invented by Bath physician William Oliver, in 1750. Dr Oliver’s intention was to create a simple, nourishing biscuit for his invalid patients, but his buttery biscuits became a huge hit and when he left the recipe to his coachman, a Mr Atkins, it made him rich.  

Why we love it… 

In our opinion, Heritage Bath Squares are quite simply the best crackers for a cheeseboard – made with all butter, they’re a yummy base but still nicely neutral to pair with all sorts of cheeses!