Pullin's Bakery


What’s the product?

We’ve got two of Pullin's delicious baked goods in our range – individual Chocolate Chunk Cookies, made with generous pieces of 70% Belgian milk chocolate, and Trillionaire’s Shortbread, which combines rich crumbly gluten-free shortbread, salted caramel, and marbled white, milk and dark chocolate. Just what you need for the perfect tea break!

Who’s behind it?

The third and fourth generation of Pullin family bakers! MD Trevor has over 50 years of experience in the bakery, while his children Mike and Angela (below) run the production and the sales sides of the business respectively.

What’s the story?

Thomas George Pullin began his working life as a farmer, but in 1925 decided to open a bakery in the village of Yatton, North Somerset. He did continue to keep pigs at the back of the bakery, who lived very happily on all the surplus bread, buns and doughnuts! From an early age, his sons Bryan and Leslie were learning the ropes, and took on the bakery as they grew up. They kept it going through the war years, often baking in darkness during the blackout with only the coal-fired ovens for light, and post-war Bryan had two sons, who both joined the bakery in their turn – one of them was Trevor, who’s still the MD today!

It’s so inspiring to see a family business with such incredible longevity. Today there are no less than five family members directly involved in running the bakery, with four shops (one of which, in Clevedon, has been going since the 1930s!) and a regular spot at our favourite haunt, the Bath Farmers’ Market.

Why we love it…

Pullin's have been in the business for nearly 100 years, and you can tell – their baked goods are absolute heaven!