Pasta Uliana

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 What’s the product? 

Chickpea casarecce – pasta made with traditional methods but using chickpea flour, which not only gives it a fabulous savoury flavour, but also means it has double the protein and almost half the carbs. Casarecce literally means homemade, which is very appropriate for this beautiful, authentic Italian pasta!

Who’s behind it? 

Photo of the owners

Luca and Federico, who grew up in Italy but moved to the UK as adults, set up H’eggs in 2016 and recently rebranded as Pasta Uliana. The business is based out of their lovely little shop on Claremont Terrace in Bath, which is well worth a visit to pick up some of their exquisite filled tortelli, freshly made every day. 

What’s the story? 

Luca and Federico’s love affair with pasta began in childhood, with mama’s fabulous fresh, homemade pasta – the perfect meal for two hungry growing boys. As grown-ups, they decided to combine their skills – Federico as a successful restaurateur, and Luca as an expert pasta artisan – to found the H’eggs Company which later became Pasta Uliana, and offer their customers pasta that’s healthy and full of nutrition, but still just as delicious as mama’s too. They only use the very best ingredients, including locally-sourced organic flour, semolina and eggs. 

Why we love it… 

Guilt-free pasta, what more could you ask for?! 

Photo of the pasta machine Photo of the pasta