Leafy Tea


What’s the product?

Leafy Tea’s signature Breakfast Blend – smooth, rich and well-rounded, sourced from single estates in Malawi and Rwanda.

Who’s behind it?

April Collins, who founded Leafy Tea in 2016 while she was just 16!

What’s the story?

April is a serious tea lover, but she was struggling to find really good flavoursome options in stores or online. At home with a cold on a soggy February day, looking for something comforting, she decided she’d just have to seek out those teas herself (even though she was already busy with her GCSEs – but you know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person). She created The Leafy Tea Company with the express aim of selling teas that taste as good as they smell!

Why we love it…

The TOB team is often fuelled by tea so we know the value of a good cuppa, and we love the smooth flavours in Leafy Tea’s Breakfast Blend!