In A Pickle


What’s the product? 

We have two lovely chutneys, perfect for the cheeseboard - Hot Date Chutney, a smooth date chutney with a hint of curry spice, and Boxing Day Chutney, which combines apples, cranberries and winter spices. There's also the traditional soft-set Rockin' Raspberry Jam, perfect for toast.  

Who’s behind it? 

Steph Anderson, who’s based in a little village just outside Bradford-on-Avon, 5.5 miles from Bath. 

What’s the story? 

Steph started In A Pickle from her kitchen table, using her family’s favourite recipes and excess produce from her neighbours’ gardens! Inspiration first struck when she saw a neighbour’s quince tree so overloaded with fruit that there was plenty going to waste on the ground – out came the preserving pan and the magic began. Although the business has long since outgrown those humble beginnings, every product is still made to those same delicious family recipes, using only the very best ingredients, by Steph and the team.

Why we love it… 

Steph creates fabulous pickles and jams for every occasion! Hot Date Chutney is a particular favourite of Helen’s – fruity and full-bodied, with all the flavour of a lovingly-homemade chutney but elevated to another level. It’s a must for the cheeseboard!