Henny & Joe's

What’s the product? 

Henny & Joe’s multi-award-winning chai syrup is a fabulously original product, bringing you all the delicious spice flavours of traditional chai in a beautiful dark, rich syrup – it’s brilliant in baking and cocktails, or simply mixed with warm milk. It’s also naturally gluten-free and vegan, so everyone can enjoy it.  

Who’s behind it? 


Husband and wife team Ash and Lottie, who launched Henny & Joe’s in 2013. The business has its home on Brassmill Lane in Bath (just down the road from another member of the Taste of Bath family, Electric Bear Brewery). 

What’s the story? 

Ash has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, working with plenty of restaurants and cafes. He noticed that many of these places were serving chai, but that it was often a needlessly artificial version without the proper flavour punch of his own homemade recipe. Ash set out to turn his version into a product for sale and the reaction was incredible – Henny & Joe’s quickly became a household name in Bath, to be found on the menu of many independent coffee shops and cafes (in fact, they make a point to only supply small, independent businesses). In spite of their success and huge demand for their product, Henny & Joe’s have always stuck very firmly to their green principles, offering refills for their reusable glass bottles, designing special recyclable carboard packaging for their chai to travel safely through the post, and drying all their used spices in the sun to turn them into pot pourri. And who are Henny & Joe, we hear you ask? Well, Ash and Lottie named their business after their favourite things in the world, their sons Henry and Joseph. 

Why we love it… 

The flavours packed into Henny & Joe’s chai are quite simply incredible – one of our very favourite winter warmers is a dirty chai latte made with H&J’s and Roundhill Roastery coffee.