Dusty Ape

What’s the product?

Molten Toffee, a full-bodied, hand-roasted 100% arabica coffee. An eruption of clean-tasting citrus notes followed by a sweet chocolate-caramel lava with a subtle floral aroma.

Who’s behind it?

Phil, a former software company director, based in Hilperton - 10 miles outside Bath.

What’s the story?

Phil had been a keen coffee fan for years, roasting his own beans in the shed as a hobby, but it was leading a software team for Costa Coffee (developing a new barista-style self-serve machine) that gave him the push he needed to start taking his coffee really seriously, and Dusty Ape was founded. It’s now the longest-established speciality coffee roaster in Wiltshire, and even has its own takeaway coffee bar located on Marsh Farm, just outside Hilperton. Dusty Ape’s motto is ‘never waste your caffeine intake’ – after all, there’s a limit to the number of cups of coffee you can drink in a day (although we often end up pushing that limit on Team TOB during the Christmas rush!) so you might as well make each one count. To create seriously good coffee, all the beans at Dusty Ape are roasted by hand in small batches, to carefully draw out the full flavour, and packed in specially-designed bags (marked with the roasting date) to keep the coffee fresh and fabulous.

Why we love it…

As you might have guessed, Team TOB loves a proper coffee to keep us going! Molten Toffee is a great all-rounder – perfect with milk or without, complimentary to all brewing methods including filter and cafetiere, and with a deep, rich flavour profile. We love those hints of caramel and chocolate too.