Bath Soft Cheese

What’s the product? 

We stock two of Bath Soft Cheese’s incredible creations – the original Bath Soft Cheese, a little like a mild Brie with a soft white rind and a gorgeously gooey centre, and Wyfe of Bath (which won an incredible 3 stars at the 2020 Great Taste Awards), a Gouda-style firm cheese with a rich, buttery flavour.  

Who’s behind it? 








Bath Soft Cheese is made on Park Farm, just 5 miles outside Bath, where the Padfield family have been keeping cows for four generations. It’s a beautiful spot and visitors are very welcome – we highly recommend checking out the lovely Bath Soft Cheese Café for breakfast, lunch or maybe afternoon tea after a nice countryside stroll.  

What’s the story? 

When Edward Ernest Padfield took on Park Farm in 1914, his wife made Cheddar cheese with the milk from their herd of Shorthorn cows. In 1990, Graham Padfield decided to revive the family tradition of cheesemaking, and tracked down the recipe for Bath Cheese (which was made locally and well known in the 18th and 19th centuries) in an old grocer’s recipe book. It proved to be just as much of a hit now as it was back then (legend has it that it was a favourite of Admiral Lord Nelson, whose father recommended it to him in a letter that survives to this day) and Graham went on to create Wyfe of Bath in 2000 and Bath Blue in 2010. All the cheeses are still made on the farm, less than 50 yards away from the milking shed, using traditional methods for incredible flavour.  

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Why we love it… 

Bath Soft Cheese is a true local legend - no cheeseboard would be complete without it!