Bath Honey

What’s the product? 

A rich, smooth raw honey, made by bees living in and around Bath. 

Who’s behind it? 

Engineer Steve Fletcher started beekeeping 12 years ago, and says that honey is a fun side effect of his favourite hobby! His bees (who do a lot of the work, naturally) live in several hives around the outskirts of the city.  

What’s the story? 

Steve joined local society Bath Beekeepers because he was fascinated by bees – their community, the way they work together, communicate and more. He never takes more honey than his bees can spare, so it’s a small-scale production, but this means it’s superior to a lot of the honey you’ll find in the supermarkets. Mass-produced honey is often a mixture of honey from all over the world (because you need the right climate for production on a large scale), and it goes through a lot of treatment, including heat treatment which kills off a lot of enzymes, and intensive filtering to remove the pollen. By contrast, Bath Honey is filtered just enough to make it safe to eat, and that’s it – exactly as the bees made it, because after all, they’re the experts. 

Why we love it… 

Made by bees foraging for nectar on local plants and flowers, you can’t really get much more local than this product – this really is an actual Taste of Bath! It’s absolutely gorgeous on hot, buttery toast too.