Events Coming Up

8-10TH JUNE:

For much of the year, we’re dreaming of summer – those balmy hot days, pottering about with friends and family in the park over a wonderful (let’s be honest, slightly scorched) BBQ and a couple of cold vinos. Summer lusting is something we all understand – the yearning to take it slow, spend time just being, eating an offensive number of snacks and drinking your own body weight in Pimm’s.

So it’s exciting for all us summer lusters that the family and friends gathering has just been upgraded! On the 8th-10th of June, Tom Kerridge has organised an epic event: Pub in the Park

Essentially, it’s a smorgasbord of posh nosh, a stonking market and live music. In Bath we often get good stuff, but Tom and his crew have upped the ante on this event! We’re not talking mediocrity or bland, we are talking Michelin-starred food… Read more here in our Blog