What Your Support Means To Our Producers…

If you buy a business gift from Taste of Bath, you’re not just choosing to support us – you’re also choosing to support our hugely talented family of small, independent producers. When we set up Taste of Bath, one of our aims was to promote local artisans and help them to reach more customers, and now with our business side doing better than ever, we’re delighted to be able to connect our producers with a wide portfolio of clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a bit of a buzz-phrase that these days can cover all manner of slightly dull things, but we firmly believe that supporting smaller businesses within your community, and helping local talent to shine, should be part of your CSR. We couldn’t possibly do any of this without you, our clients, and so we wanted to show you just how much our producers appreciate your support, and how much it means to them – because when you buy from small businesses, your money goes directly to the people behind them.

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Nick Shearn from Seven Hills Chocolate says, “One of the biggest challenges for a small business is generating enough sales, so working with Taste of Bath has been a fantastic opportunity to reach some really big clients. When you start a small business you do it because of your passion for the product, but you’ve got to pay the bills too! Support from bigger businesses, and knowing that they’re happy to choose an artisan product over something mass-produced, is really encouraging too.” That’s a key point for us – although the revenue we generate for our producers is, of course, crucial, it’s not just your money that supports them, but your respect and appreciation for what they create.

Jessica Langford-Snape of Wild Flour Cake Co (who supply the fantastic cakes and cookies many of you will already have enjoyed on your tea break) says, “We love working with Taste of Bath because it means local produce is being enjoyed and supported by other local businesses. Our area is spoilt for choice when it comes to great food and it’s great to see this celebrated.” We think Jess has hit the nail on the head there – if your business is based in Bath, then there’s so much incredible talent on your doorstep, and supporting it makes you part of a virtuous circle that benefits the whole city. Not all of our clients are Bath-based, of course, but even if you’re further afield, know that you’re still doing a wonderful thing in supporting small businesses, which enrich their communities and stimulate the economy.

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And the benefits don’t just stop there – by supporting our family of producers, you’re also supporting plenty of brilliant environmentally-friendly initiatives, helping to keep traditional practices alive and encouraging some great community projects. From organic farming to foraged ingredients, and small-batch production to Fairtrade suppliers, our brilliant producers are full of worthy and worthwhile ideas, and they need your support to continue making them a reality. For example, Round Hill Roastery, who supply some of our favourite coffee, source their beans exclusively from small independent coffee-growers and cooperatives. Founder Eddie Twitchett says, “Being able to source our beans this way is absolutely fundamental to our business. We’ve built up some wonderful relationships over the years and every customer that buys our coffee helps the incredible independent growers we work with – so having the support of bigger clients through Taste of Bath makes a huge difference.”

So for anyone wondering why to choose Taste of Bath for business gifts over all the other options out there, that’s it in a nutshell – by supporting us, you support our brilliant small suppliers (and in the process, you communicate to your clients and partners that you believe in quality, authenticity and doing a little good in the world). And if you’re already a Taste of Bath client, please do know just how much our producers appreciate every single one of you – together, we’re putting Bath on the map for everything that makes it special!