Taste of Bath Client Case Study: Cloud Direct

We’re bringing you a new series of case studies on LinkedIn, to give you an insight into exactly how we help different clients to target their goals. This week we’re starting with Cloud Direct, for whom we created a campaign to reach out to potential new clients with their partners Microsoft.

Who is the client?

Bath-based firm Cloud Direct focus on providing practical cloud services to meet the needs of their clients. In particular, they’re one of Microsoft’s Gold Partners and one of only 32 accredited Azure Expert MSPs globally, providing full support for clients using Microsoft Cloud.

What were their needs?

Cloud Direct wanted to run a campaign targeting existing Microsoft customers who weren’t fully using all the features that Microsoft Azure offers, and who could benefit from Cloud Direct’s support services to help them get the most from Azure. Cloud Direct needed a way to make the most of this opportunity, and really grab the attention of those customers long enough to show them exactly why they were missing out. That’s when they got in touch with Taste of Bath.

How did Taste of Bath help?

We worked with Cloud Direct to create the perfect package that was irresistible to open. We put together 172 boxes filled with sweet treats for sharing in the office, one each to be sent to the CEO and Head of IT at 86 carefully selected companies. Also inside was an invitation to meet Cloud Direct for a discussion over lunch, with collateral to explain their services (and their reasons for choosing Taste of Bath to send the message). The boxes were branded with Cloud Direct luggage tags, bearing the message ‘A little treat for you and your team from Cloud Direct’, and our signature colour-matched ribbons.

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Then we wrapped each box in Microsoft-branded paper, with ribbons colour-matched to the Microsoft branding, and attached a branded luggage tag. The concept was for each package to demonstrate how Cloud Direct was closely aligned as a partner with Microsoft.

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Why choose Taste of Bath in this case?

Business development, and in particular approaching potential new clients, is always a challenge. Any fairly well-established business will face a huge number of direct marketing approaches from a wide range of service providers (with a massive variation in quality) and so it’s absolutely crucial to stand out from the crowd, and grab the attention of the recipient for long enough to make them realise this is an opportunity they should take seriously. At Taste of Bath, we know from experience that very few people can resist a hamper full of delicious food and drink – so sending your message with one of our gift boxes is guaranteed to make sure it doesn’t slip under the radar.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got their attention, you need to ensure that as tempting as the gift box is, it doesn’t distract from the key information you need to communicate. That’s why we offer a huge range of creative solutions to make sure your branding and your message is at the very heart of the gift. In this case, that meant branded wrapping paper, luggage tags and colour-matched ribbons, to make it absolutely clear this was a gift about Microsoft from Cloud Direct. Carefully positioned materials inside made the invitation to further discuss really stand out.

Finally, when you send a gift in a business setting, you want to be certain that the gift itself communicates the right message about your business. Cloud Direct chose Taste of Bath because customer service, and their relationships with their customers, are of absolutely crucial importance to the Cloud Direct brand. From their website: “We don’t take our customer service promises lightly. When we say we’ll be there for you 24/7, it’s not some marketing mumbo jumbo. We mean it.” A relationship like this is based on trust and authenticity, and using Taste of Bath to celebrate Cloud Direct’s Bath roots, and show their support for independent local businesses, really helps to establish that authenticity.

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