Show Your Team Some Love

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Valentine’s Day might be over for another year, but as anyone knows, it’s not enough to show the love to the important people in your life just once a year, and the same is true when it comes to your team. Those who work hard all year round need to be recognised all year round – plus, we know it’s that time of year now when many of you will be thinking about yearly appraisals, and how to show your most valuable team members that you appreciate their efforts. That’s why we’ve rustled up this guide with examples of a few of our most popular HR gifts, from thoughtful little tokens, to regular instant recognition gifts, to big rewards…

From £4: ‘Little Gesture’ Gifts

You might not be aware of it, but Taste of Bath doesn’t just supply lavish luxury hampers – we also work with a huge range of clients to provide that little something that fits a smaller budget, but is also guaranteed to put smiles on recipients’ faces. We can offer all sorts of options for less than £10 per person, like these mini gift boxes we supplied to Edit this past Christmas, filled with our favourite chocolates and bestselling handmade fudge, for £8 per head.

£25: Incentive Box

Many of our clients use Taste of Bath to supply them with incentive boxes and instant recognition gifts – a stock of perfect presents that can be handed out as and when they’re needed, to recognise hard work as it happens. For this example, we worked with Curo to create a box full of mini versions of some of our most popular products, including salted caramel truffles, artisan coffee and the always popular Bath Gin, for a budget of £25 per box. We supply a regular stock to make sure there are always treats on hand to reward team members who go the extra mile, and we know that many of our clients, including Curo, find it has a huge impact on performance to offer regular on-the-spot incentives.

£60: Office Sharing Hamper

It’s not just about recognising individuals – we also have plenty of clients who find it really valuable to reward the team as a whole, and our Office Sharing Hampers are designed with that in mind. Not only is a shared reward great for team building, but it can also be a fantastic way to recognise hard work if you have a smaller budget. Our £60 Office Sharing Hamper is packed with treats that are perfect for groups of people, including scrumptious cake and cookies, as well as our favourite tea and coffee to make it the ultimate office tea break.

£85: Client Gift Box

Sometimes team members really go above and beyond, and when they do, you want to make sure they know it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Or perhaps there’s a special work milestone you want to acknowledge, or a particular occasion like the start of maternity leave. Whatever the reason, when you want a gift that makes a bit more of a splash, forget the cliched bunch of flowers – our luxury gift boxes are the gifts your employees really want to receive. Our Large Client Gift Box, £85, is one of our most popular off-the-shelf options, featuring both savoury and sweet goodies as well as local wine and Bath Gin, but we’d also be very happy to help you create bespoke gifts to suit any occasion and recipient – why not show you care with a few of their favourite things?

Whichever industry you work in, we know that your team is one of your most valuable assets. Putting in just a little extra effort, to reward hard work with gifts that aren’t generic, makes a huge difference, and at Taste of Bath we make that as easy for you as possible, whatever your budget. Visit our online business shop and discover stunning off-the-shelf options for a quick fix, or talk to us today about creating the perfect gifts for your needs.