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10 Taste of Bath myths explained.

  • Taste of Bath is a national franchise located in Bath.

Taste of Bath is a local company founded in 2015 by resident entrepreneur, Helen Rich. Helen’s vision is simple, ‘To create memorable, delicious gifts using the best of Bath’s local grub, whilst supporting small local producers.’ 

  • Taste of Bath’s produce isn’t all from Bath. 

We often get questioned about our produce and the authenticity of where it is sourced. We guarantee that our products are made within a 15-mile radius of Bath, and of which, 95% are handmade. 

By gifting a Taste of Bath product, your supporting an array of local producers. In each gift, we include a message about the provenance of each product, who made it, where they made it and the taste profile. This explains to the recipient the authenticity of the offering. 

  • Taste of Bath only ships locally and is therefore only for Bath based people. 

Yes, we do ship locally via Three Bags Full, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution within the local Bath area.

Three Bags Full

However, we also ship across the UK Mainland, and shipping is £5.80+VAT for a 24-hour signed delivery. 

But, for our business clients, we also ship across the World. Zambia, Texas, Australia, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy and Spain to name but a few. International shipping is quoted on an individual basis. 

  • Taste of Bath only provide hampers.

We do provide a range of hampers, but we also have a whole range of smaller gifts to cater for your gifting needs. 

Individually wrapped treats, mini hampers and bespoke boxes of chocolate to name but a few. If you have a requirement and a budget, we work to you. Think of it as a business service, rather than a shop!

Queensberry Hotel, Guest fudge £2.50+VAT

See our ‘Good things come in small packages at ToB’ article for further inspiration

  • Taste of Bath gifts are expensive.

With gifts starting at as little as £2, we hope to cater for all budgets. We offer a range of smaller staff gifts from £5-£10 and our little mini hampers are priced between £8-£20.

Here’s our ‘Business Gifting Guide – What’s your Budget

  • Taste of Bath have a minimum spend on their products.

There is no minimum spend here at Taste of Bath. Whether you want a couple of smaller treats to say thank you or a box of chocolates for a colleague’s birthday, we offer our products on an individual basis.

  • Taste of Bath are too rigid and only offer package gifts.

Here at Taste of Bath, we offer a bespoke design service, designing to our client’s budget and needs. 

We create our products to suit the recipient. We can create office style gifts for sharing, non-alcoholic hampers for staff, or a range of sweet treats for a client event. We fit your budget… rather than offer you a set range.

  • Taste of Bath gifts aren’t personalised.

We put brand at the heart of every gift. We create a branded luggage tag and include your logo on the personalised message within the gift, as well as matching the ribbon choice to your company’s colour scheme. All this is included in the price.

  • It’s complicated to order from Taste of Bath.

We understand our clients are busy and therefore we offer two options:

If you’d like an online shopping option, our simple business shop area caters for quick and easy hamper options. 

However, most people like to contact us via email or phone. Just email us your budget, address and personal message and we will invoice you and the send the hamper – It’s that simple. 

  • Taste of Bath’s packaging is too expensive.

We hope by now you can see that we are all about being flexible to your budget. All our packaging is included within the prices quoted. We believe that gifting doesn’t need to be expensive or complex. 

A beautiful piece of local produce wrapped in your brand coloured ribbon at no extra cost. We also provide small branded bags which are priced at 50 pence each. 

With 10% Business Gifting until the end of September, there’s never a better time to order your Taste of Bath indulgence.