Our Vision

"To make local produce accessible for customers across the UK"
Taste of Bath specialise in artisan food: sourced within a ten-mile radius of the city of Bath.

Started in 2015 by Helen Rich, Taste of bridges the gap between customers and producers. Starting in her home town of Bath, Helen envisages Taste of spreading to cities all around the UK.

‘Customers don’t have time to go to every deli, market & artisan fair: they want the best of local produce but without the hassle. Likewise artisan producers cannot reach every customer: you are limited by time and manpower.’ -Helen Rich, Founder

Our culture is changing… we love the IDEA of meandering through markets, delis and fairs, but the bottom line is we just don’t have time.

Internet shopping on the sofa is far more common and frankly easier!

The Journey of Taste of Bath

Nov 2015: We started offering three set hampers in English Apple Crates, with 13 producers on board.

March 2016: We launched ‘Create your Own’, a service which enabled you to shop for groceries online or create your own hamper. A hugely popular service, allowing customer to personalize their shop.

April 2017: We launched ‘The Bath Box’, twenty hampers carefully designed with different recipients in mind, from mums to work colleagues! We now have over thirty producers under our umbrella.

This Taste of journey has been dictated by our customers; the core concept remains the same, but the products and range have adapted as we’ve responded to what our customers really want.

We deliver what YOU want. If it goes wrong we will fix it. No quibbles.

Customer Service is at the core of our business.

If you have a special requirement or there’s another way in which we can help you please do get in touch.